Jake Paul was born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, into the family of Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick. The story of Jake starts back when Jack was in middle school. Jake, a competitive sports player from a young age, played football at a high level. Known in his league for having a 33% chance of a touchdown every time he was given the ball, Jakes competitiveness and ability to succeed was a given even early in life. Although some might consider 33% to be a great number, Jake was never satisfied. This led Jake's mother, Pam, to purchase a video camera so she could record both Jake and Logan's football games to allow them both to rewatch the games and learn from mistakes they were making on the field.

This first video camera because the start of Jake Pauls incredibly successful career. One day when both Jake and Logan were around the house, they decided to pick up this camera and start recording random stuff they were doing. Eventually, this led them to creating skits and scripted videos in their home for their own entertainment. Right around this time is when a new platform emerged online for video creators. This platform, YouTube, was just starting to grow in popularity, and both Jake and Logan quickly took a liking to it. After sports and in between classes, both Paul brothers would start watching videos and it quickly became their primary form of entertainment. One channel in particular was special to them; Smosh. Smosh was such an inspiration that when they brothers decided that they wanted to create their own channel on YouTube, they named it Zoosh.

Although the first videos the Paul brothers released were not award winning, it got them excited about videos and making their own content for an audience of their own. After a few years of refocusing on school and sports, Jake felt like he was lost. It was the summer of his junior year, and Jake was looking for direction. He decided he wanted to become a Navy Seal. It had all of the qualities to him that he felt were important; competitiveness, hard work, mental toughness, physical ability, and most important of all, a purpose. The fact that guns were a big part of the seals didn’t hurt either. While contemplating how best to become a seal, Logan came back to Jake with an idea. He wanted to go back to Zoosh and make videos again. Jake decided to put the seals on hold, and make new videos with Logan on Zoosh.

After getting back into the world of videos, Jake stumbled onto a new app on Twitter that had just launched. This app was Vine, and with it, Jake's world was about to change forever. He downloaded the app, and immediately started making videos on it. He quickly told Logan about it who decided to download it and create content for it too. This led the Paul brothers to do what they loved best; to compete with each other. Both Jake and Logan would work on these six second videos for hours at a time. This hard work started paying off as they started gaining an audience and getting lots of followers. Within five months, Jake had accumulated over one million followers. By the end of his time on Vine, he had around five million followers and had done brand deals on the platform with big names like Virgin Mobile, HBO, Ritz and Pepsi. This was only the beginning of Jakes career and what was to come.

In order for him to keep creating content and growing his brand, Jake felt it was necessary to go to LA. After convincing his parents, at the age of seventeen he moved out there with the money he had saved from brand deals on Vine. Once there he went to acting classes, improv classes and focused heavily on growing his social media following. He knew that he wanted his three focuses to be social media, acting, and business. He wouldn’t stop working until he was successfully doing all three.

With acting, his first movie was with Fox called Mono. Soon after came a movie with YouTube Red called Dance Camp. Afterwards, Jake and Logan decided to write a movie together called AirPlane Mode that will be released soon. After acting in multiple movies, Jake turned his attention to television. One series in particular caught his attention, a Disney Channel show called Bizaardvark. After multiple auditions, Jake got the role which made him first social media influencer to become a regular on a series. After being renewed twice, Jake's acting career has no signs of slowing down.

With business, Jake decided to start Teamdom. TeamDom stands for Teen Entertainment and Media Kingdom. It strives to be at the forefront of entertaining and engaging the teen market. They are a modern-day media conglomerate focused on building powerful brands, stories, celebrities, and businesses around Teen Entertainment And Media. As of today, it has over 35 million followers and 7 billion views. Every company under the Teamdom conglomerate is working towards the same goal, to create an outlet in which they can build an audience and monetize in the most effective and natural way. In an effort to teach others about what he has learned so far, he also wrote a book called “You Gotta Want it”

With social media, Jake decided that with his audience and all of the lessons he has learned, he could help others grow an audience too. With this, he created Team10. The first ever social media label. The goal was to find talented individuals who needed help growing their audience, and use Jakes following and his vast knowledge of how to grow to grow them. To this day, Team10 has taken on over a dozen individuals and helped them create some of the largest online audiences in social media. Most recently Jake and Team10 signed Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo. Both achieved one million followers and one million subscribers on Instagram in less than eight weeks. In addition to Team10, Jake continues to create content of his own. His YouTube channel in the #1 fastest growing channel on the platform, and he has a total of nearly one billion views on his channel with over six and a half million subscribers. In total across all of his platforms, Jake has nearly 25 million combined followers. He has been also nominated for a ‘Shorty Award’ in the Vineographer category.

At the age of 20, Jake's career only continues to skyrocket into new heights. To keep up to date with Jake and his life, sign up for the newsletter!